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My favorite question.....

What is your most popular piece of hardware?  I am always surprised by this question because everyone is such and individual so naturally their spaces and homes are just as unique.   It makes me start to wonder why this question might get asked.  

Selecting hardware for your home is the finishing touch to, what is often, a long rennovation project.  The process can be very easy for some but very difficult for others.  There are just so many choices to make throughout the process and when you get to the very end you don't want to make a mistake.  One thing I try to stress to clients is that if you love it then it can't be a mistake.  How we dress our homes says something about who we are so naturally some of these choices will be uniquely ours and ours alone.  In the world of decorative hardware it is very difficult to make a true mistake, however The Knobbery staff is always willing and able to make sure that you avoid any such issue.

The main thing to remember is to follow your instincts and pick something that speaks to you and completes your vision. 

Lynette Welker in Arlington Heights, IL on Houzz
Lynette Welker in Arlington Heights, IL on Houzz