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Are you a renter that is starved for style.....

If you are renting and feel like you have very few ways of making a space your own, one simple way is to change out some of the hardware.  If the cabinetry already has handles or knobs your could swap them out for something more your taste and save the old ones for when you move out.  If the cabinetry is currently blank ask your landlord if you could dress up their already great cabinets with new hardware.  In most cases they will even give you a credit toward your rent for making such a wonderful improvement.   The hardware for a small kitchen usually costs less than a few throw pillows and can change peoples perception of a space far more.  This allows you to make your home feel more upscale and personal all at the same time.

Lynette Welker in Arlington Heights, IL on Houzz
Lynette Welker in Arlington Heights, IL on Houzz