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Using Unique Materials to Reflect Personal Style

When most people begin there cabinet hardware search their first thoughts are to match the finish of their light fixtures or faucets, or sometimes their appliances.  However there are more and more people that want the hardware to truly be the jewelry of the space, bringing a unique color and texture to the overall design.  For these people we have a wide array of different materials, besides metal, to choose from.

There are many different materials that hardware can be made from.  Some of our favorites are glass, acrylic, leather, precious & semi precious stones, just to list a few.

Glass hardware offers the widest selection of texture and color options.  Some of the items look like ice or water.  While others are a ribbed detail that matches certain glass insets in the cabinetry.

Along with bringing a special amount of texture and color to a space they are a great way to showcase your own sense of style and personality.  Below are several examples from bright emerald polka dots to vintage style cameos, or fun letters to personalize any space.

Another great material is leather.  It offers a wonderful organic, natural texture and can also come in a wide variety of colors.  In the right color and shape it can offer a very contemporary look as shown to the right.

In the space the white leather compliments the crisp white finish of the cabinets, while the t-bar design and brushed stainless steel accents keep it feeling modern and fresh.

Leather can also work in a much more traditional setting, with more woven texture and softer earthier colors.  The combination of the metal accents allows you to match the other metals in your space without having too much of a good thing.

Below is one of my favorite unique materials and they are even rare on this planet.  Semi-precious stones are one of the most striking and gorgeous.  In this collection you have items made with mother of pearl, penshell, jade, and amethyst.  While these material tend to be more expensive a little goes a long way making them the perfect items for a small accent or pop of color in a larger space.

We have highlighted just a few of the vast array of collections made from unique materials so if you find that your project could use something a bit different let us know and we would be happy to help you find your perfect match!

Lynette Welker in Arlington Heights, IL on Houzz
Lynette Welker in Arlington Heights, IL on Houzz